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Rives Audio is a company founded on providing acoustical engineering and acoustical design solutions for home listening room acoustics and home theater room design, including home theater acoustics and home theater sound proofing. Many clients have hi-end stereo or home theater equipment but the rooms suffer from poor sound. The reason is the rooms were never designed acoustically. Quite often they were designed for aesthetics alone. At Rives Audio we can design in aesthetics and acoustics at the same time. Acoustical treatment really has no inherent visual design, rather it can become anything you want. In designing a room clients must consider aesthetics, sonic benefit, and budget. These three components work in a balance to achieve the best custom solution for each client. No two clients are the same, and thus no two rooms are the same. Rives Audio works on a custom basis ONLY. There are no pre-designed solutions. Rives Audio looks at the significance of all aspects of the audio performance, from the bass and room mode performance to the diffusion within the midrange spectrum and absorption in the high frequency spectrum. All are significant and all must work together in harmony to achieve sonic bliss. For the bass Rives examines the room mode distribution or designs a room with appropriate room mode distribution. Some existing rooms have poor room mode distribution and thus need electrical correction from the PARC (parametric adaptive room compensation). Basically the PARC is a 3 band parametric equalizer (parametric eq) designed to get rid of room modes and compensate for bass peaks. Rives Audio measures rooms acoustically with sophisticated audio software tools. All Rives dealers have the Rives Audio professional test kit for acoustic sound measurement. This kit includes extremely accurate calibrated microphones as well as state of the art software such as ETF and BARE. For the end user Rives provides more economical means of measuring the acoustical performance of the room starting with the Rives Audio Test CD (which is specifically calibrated for the Radio Shack sound meter), including Mapleshade Recordings, to the standard test kit. Rives Audio is committed to providing cost effective solutions for the audiophile and home audio enthusiast. The room is the invisible component and often the most significant. When you want the best listening room or home theater design, you need not go further than Rives Audio.

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